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Opening Hours Announcement Bar - FAQs

  1. This version is a completely different type of Announcement Bar as it has been custom designed to display a wide range of Opening Hours and allows for various holiday periods.

    1. You can set default opening hours which are used most of the time.

    2. You can add in variations for days closed e.g. weekends 

    3. You can add in variations to standard hours e.g. Monday to Thursday 9am-5pm and Friday’s 9am-4pm.

    4. You can include one off dates when the office is closed e.g. Bank Holidays

    5. You can set recurring holidays on the same date every year e.g Christmas Day

  2. Yes. You can set up default holidays for each year e.g. Christmas Day as it always falls on 25 December.

    1. Opening hours can be set to default opening hours and default closing hours. It can also be customised to include recurring annual holidays on the same day every year.

    2. Styling options:
      Font size, text colour and background colour.

    3. Styles can be customised in three ways:

      • Bar type: there are two variations: Fixed or Static

      • Docked at top of the page or scrolling with the page

      • Padding top and bottom of the bar to make the bar shorter or deeper

  3. No. You cannot customise the default message when you are open as this states “We are open today from….”.

    You can however customise the message that gets displayed outside your normal business hours, e.g. “Closed on May Day reopening on May 2nd at 9am”.

  4. No. The message can not be personalised.

  5. Yes. The Opening Hours Announcement Bar can include a button.

  6. No. Ideally the shorter the better otherwise you may face strange formatting issues on your website.

  7. All times are recorded in 24hr format which cannot be changed.

  8. Yes. The default opening and closed hours will automatically update as per the time zone set in your HubSpot portal.

  9. No. The Opening Hours Announcement Bar cannot be personalised for different time zones, as all times are taken from HubSpot’s local time in the portal being used.                

    If you wish to run a series of different office opening hours for different locations/countries and time zones, this will require custom development. 

    Please contact Support to discuss your specific requirements.    

  10. Yes. This means you can add it to all pages on your website but only need to edit it in one place for the changes to apply across the whole site.                                           
  11. No. This is a global module which means you can only have one Opening Hours Announcement Bar on your site. If you want to have different Opening Hours on different pages you will need to contact Support to discuss your specific requirements.

  12. Yes you can but at your own discretion. Enlighten IC cannot stand over any conflicts or errors which arise due to edits you have made.

  13. Please get in touch with Support who will look into the issue and advise as to whether there is a suitable fix. Please also refer to Enlighten IC’s Marketplace Refund Policy.

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