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Marketplace Refund Policy

In the HubSpot Marketplace, all Marketplace purchases are between the buyer and the supplier (i.e. Enlighten IC) and are purchased via Stripe. HubSpot has no control over the transaction as all products are created and owned by Enlighten IC.

We have defined a clear Marketplace Refund Policy outlining what you can expect from Enlighten IC when you buy from the HubSpot Marketplace and what to do in the event of needing help/support with a product or requesting a refund.

Please Note

If you have any queries with any digital products purchased, please contact our Support Team who can provide help and advice on the product purchased.


Reasons to request a refund

If you have purchased a product and are not satisfied we will offer a refund in the following circumstances:

  • the product (i.e. Template or Module) is “not as described”
  • the product does not work the way it should and cannot be easily fixed
  • the product did not meet your expectations
  • the product has a security vulnerability
  • the product’s set-up or support is not as expected
  • Stripe processed the wrong payment
  • you bought an item for wrong HubSpot portal


Reasons when Enlighten IC may issue a refund

Enlighten IC reserves the right to refund the product if a website requires extensive custom development to make the Module work.

Please note all Refund requests must be processed within 30 days of purchase.

Reasons when a refund may not be provided

If the product matches its description and works the way it should, there is generally no obligation for Enlighten IC, the supplier, to offer a refund.

Some example situations when a refund may not be approved might include, but are not limited to:

  • You changed your mind and no longer want the product
  • The product is as described and works correctly
  • Your have decided to use another product
  • You purchased the product by mistake
  • You don’t have the necessary experience/expertise to install/use the product

Please note Enlighten IC accepts no responsibility for any problems caused to any custom development on the buyer’s website.

What Happens After A Refund

Once a Refund has been accepted an email will be sent to confirm the refund and the amount to be credited back to the buyer's account used to make the purchase.

Enlighten IC will process the refund through Stripe. The Stripe API will then notify the HubSpot platform, which in turn will remove the assets from the buyer's account.

Further Information

For further information regarding Refund Guidelines please see:

HubSpot’s Marketplace Refund Guidelines


Shopping Rights on Online Marketplace


Guarantees and Returns


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