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Fully Customisable Flexible PopUp

Add a customisable PopUp to any web page to promote an event, special offer, premium content or make an announcement for your visitors to click on and link to a specific page on your website.


What It Does

This module allows you to add a small Flexible PopUp to promote a specific message for a campaign, event or announcement. Including a high level of customisation.


The PopUp module is a global module that can be installed on multiple pages of your website and used to promote content, a campaign or other links to your visitors. It is designed to be engaging without being annoying and is a useful way to increase conversions and click through rate during promotions.

Options Include

  • Customise the text / image / button text and link of the PopUp.
  • Customise the styling of the module to match your websites brand identity.
  • Customise which point of the visitor's screen the module docks to. The options are: top left, middle left, bottom left, top right, middle right, bottom right and centre.
  • Customise the trigger controls, the module can be triggered to appear after an elapsed period of time or when a scroll position is reached.
  • Customise how long the module takes to reappear after a visitor closes it.

    Key Features

  • Global module - edit options once and they will apply globally across your site.
  • Easily style to match your current website’s style.
  • Use a blacklist / whitelist to control where the module appears on your website.
  • No Coding Required!

Please see Product Documentation for further details on how to get the most out of this module.

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