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Internal Linking Module - FAQs

    1. You can customise the styling of this module so it fits with your overall website branding. You can also customise whether the module pulls in a list of your most recent blog posts or a list of custom content links which you have chosen.
  1. The easiest way to add this module to your blog is to include it in your blog’s template, however, it is also possible to add it in the middle of a blog post. This will require a bit of extra copying and pasting of the module's code but is fully explained in our documentation.

  2. Yes. You are able to choose any of your HubSpot content (website pages, landing pages and blog posts) to link to.

  3. Yes, this module is designed to be used on all your HubSpot pages including website pages, blog posts and landing pages. Please note, this module will not work in email templates.

  4. No. This module is a local module meaning any edits you make to it appear only on the current page and will not apply to other instances of the module throughout your website.

  5. Yes. You can have multiple placements of the Internal Linking Module on a page or cross your website. They will each act as independent modules meaning you can adjust the content and styling options of each one.


  6. Yes. You can use custom CSS but this will be at your own discretion. Enlighten IC cannot stand over any conflicts or errors which arise due to any edits you have made.

  7. Please get in touch with Support who will look into the issue and advise as to whether there is a suitable fix. Please also refer to Enlighten IC’s Marketplace Refund Policy.

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