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Opening Hours Announcement Bar

Let people see at a glance if you are currently open or closed for a holiday period.


What It Does

The Opening Hours module can be used to display your businesses opening hours at the top of your website. It also allows you to display a different message when you are closed or closed for a Holiday period (e.g. Christmas or Thanksgiving).


The Opening Hours module is an advanced module that can be used to display your business opening hours along the top of your website. It is highly configurable and allows you to include options for common annual holidays such as Independence Day, Saint Patricks Day, Halloween and Christmas. It also allows you to setup variations so you can display different opening hours for different days of the week.

Options Include

  • You can also display different messages outside your normal hours with alternative ways for customers to get in touch.
  • Customised closed messages including Holiday specific e.g. "We're closed for Christmas".
  • The styling of the bar can be customised to match your brand style.
  • Holidays that repeat on a set date annually (e.g. Christmas) can be programmed once and will apply each year.

Key Features

  • Takes into account any daylight savings in your local area.
  • Provides customisable options to account for a wide range of configurations.
  • No Coding Required!

Please see Product Documentation for further details on how to get the most out of this module.

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