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Slide-In CTA PopUp - FAQs

    1. You can customise which of your HubSpot Call To Action's (CTA's) gets displayed in the Slide-In CTA PopUp module.

    2. You can move the position of the Slide-In CTA PopUp using the following options:

      • Top Left

      • Top Right

      • Middle Left

      • Middle Right

      • Centre Of Screen

      • Bottom Left

      • Bottom Right

    3. You can customise how long the Slide-In CTA PopUp waits before presenting to the user again.

  1. Yes. This module is designed to be used exclusively in conjunction with HubSpot’s CTA tools. The module allows you to select which of your HubSpot CTA’s to display. 

  2. The Slide-in CTA will work with any size of image uploaded to it but to achieve the best results we recommend setting up your HubSpot Image CTA to the aspect ratio 3:4.

    The Slide-in CTA module defaults to a width of 300px so the minimum size image you should upload is 300px by 400px.

  3. Yes. You have the following options to control what visitor action triggers the Slide-in CTA PopUp module to appear.

    • Elapsed time: You can set the module to appear automatically after a certain time has passed.
    • Scroll position: You can set the module to appear when the visitor has reached a certain scroll point on the page. For example when the visitor has scrolled 50% off the page.

    Both options can be used in combination with each other, whichever one is reached first will overwrite the other. For example if you have both a 5 second delay and 50% scroll trigger the module will be displayed when either 5 seconds has elapsed or when the visitor scrolls 50%. 

  4. Yes. You are able to control how often the module displays to a user. By default the module will appear once and will not appear again to the same user for 2 days. The module uses cookies to enable this.
  5. Yes. This means you can add it to all pages on your website but only need to edit it in one place for the changes to apply across the whole site.

    The Slide-in CTA PopUp Module includes a Whitelist / Blacklist feature that can be used to limit or control which pages the module is displayed on. We recommend adding the module to every page on your website using HubSpot’s global HTML fields and using the modules built-in features to set which pages it appears on.

  6. No. This is a global module which means you can only have one Slide-in CTA PopUp on your site. If you want to have different Slide-in CTA PopUps on different pages you will need to purchase another Slide-in CTA PopUp module.
  7. Yes. You can use custom CSS but this will be at your own discretion. Enlighten IC cannot stand over any conflicts or errors which arise due to any edits you have made.

  8. Please get in touch with Support who will look into the issue and advise as to whether there is a suitable fix. Please also refer to Enlighten IC’s Marketplace Refund Policy.

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