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Six Simple Steps To Create A Marketing Plan

How To Build A Marketing Plan In The Real World

If you’ve noticed anything about us you will know that we are big believers in taking a bit of time out and planning for future success. We like to take a strategic approach to marketing and the only way to do this, in our view, is to stop the hamster wheel once and a while and THINK.


We also like to structure how we do things so that we have a consistent approach. This means over time we can look back and form a proper view on what we have been doing and look forward to see what we can expect.


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The Truth About Marketing

Is Marketing A Big Waste of Time?

A long, long time ago in a field far away (well, the University of Ulster at Coleraine to be honest), there was a young man sitting with his friends in the university coffee bar. After the usual Times crossword, coffee from a polystyrene cup and the obligatory Toffee Crisp, he announced to his friends that he would never work in Marketing.

Well, that person was me. It was 1991, almost a quarter of a century ago (GULP!) and the world and his wife, especially those studying anything related to business studies wanted a career in marketing. Yet here I was pontificating that I wasn’t going to follow the herd. I didn’t stop there either…

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