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Why Is Website Design Important?

Don't just build a website because you have to. Design it with content which answers the questions your audience has; make it easy for them to reach out for more; and watch it become the cornerstone of growth at your firm.

No two web design projects are the same although one thing remains true - a poor website usually costs just as much as a good one! Don’t compromise your approach and end up with a run of the mill website which isn't optimised to generate leads and help your business to grow!

We understand a website design project can be tedious, heart-breaking and may even break your resolve… (and this is before you even reach the copywriting stage!)

No matter the pains involved, get it right and your humble website design project could soon be delivering multiple leads and helping your business to reach its full potential and grow!

The Key Elements
Of A Successful Website
Design Project

Strategy before Design

Know what you want from your website
before you begin.

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Clear Goals in advance

Set clear goals and make sure you know
what you are trying to achieve.

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Wireframe Several Concepts

Wire frames will allow you to test several concepts before committing to actual development.

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Solid Development with regular updates

Agree a road map and make sure your development team keeps you updated on progress and any roadblocks they encounter along the way.

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Design before Content or Content before Design? Find the middle ground and make sure you get your message across in both words and pictures. Content can be one of the biggest blockages for a website redesign. Don't fall into this trap and let us write this for you too!

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Go Live

The sooner a website is live the sooner it can provide real data on what resonates with your audience (and what doesn’t). Don’t hide your creation and don’t try to "over perfect" it before letting it lose on the world!

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Continuous improvement

Don’t just launch and go! Continuous improvement will allow you to optimise your website and maximise the return on investment.

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You Also Need The Right Team To Work With!

Your website redesign project needs an innovative agency who

  • Gets It

  • Has a team who listen

  • Can write great website content

  • Proactive Updates (not just when asked)

  • Understand what you are trying to achieve

  • Care about delivering the right results

Welcome to Enlighten IC

We’re an innovative growth and inbound marketing agency focused on the legal and tech sectors.

All Our Websites Are:

  • Responsive

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Include SSL Certificates

  • Regular Backups

  • Optimised for leads and enquiries

  • Wordpress, HubSpot CMS or HTML

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