General Terms & Conditions of Business

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions or in the Agreement shall affect any statutory rights that you may have as a consumer or operate to exclude or limit any terms that cannot lawfully be so excluded or limited.

1 Definitions

2 Introduction

3 Duties Of Supplier

4 Duties Of Customer

Without prejudice to any other Customer duties or obligations under the Agreement:

5 The Proposal

6 Amendments & Completion

7 Pricing & Payment Terms

8 Intellectual Property Rights

9 Warranties

10 Confidentiality

11 Liability

12 Indemnity

13 Force Majeure

14 Independent Contractors

15 Assignment

16 Notices

17 Third Party Rights

18 Termination

19 Changes To Terms & Conditions

20 Entire Agreement

21 Severance

22 Acknowledgement

23 Law And Jurisdiction

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