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Our Reflections on Inbound17

On Sunday, 24th September, Victoria and I had the great privilege of travelling to Inbound17 in Boston to what I genuinely believe to be one of the best and most fulfilling conferences I have ever attended. Travelling as guests of the irrepressible Steve (@SVaughanInbound) from HubSpot we set off not really knowing what to expect. Yes, you hear all the hyperbole about events and conferences such as Inbound and quite often, when you turn up, it is a bit of a damp squib and you’ve wasted a lot of your time and money finding this out. If only they had put some of the time and effort they put into selling tickets into the actual content is a common complaint.


Not so, with Inbound17 however. Not so, when you attend a production of such scale and magnitude as Inbound17 and HubSpot is involved, and here’s why...


Let’s Break Out Some Stats ...

As a data-driven marketer, I think it would be remiss of me to begin any blog such as this without first looking at a few stats.

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