The Ultimate Guide To Winning New Business With Your Website NOW LIVE

By John Hogg


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We are delighted to announce that our very latest guide to monetising your website has just been launched.

This new guide has been written to help business owners identify what they need to do with their website in order to take it to the next level and starting winning more work.

It is a sad fact of life that some businesses spend a small fortune building the best looking website they can and yet all it does is shout about how wonderful their firm is. What is even sadder is that a good website often costs just as much as a bad one and by taking the right approach a B2B website can easily be re-focused to start generating more enquiries for new business.

The good news is that all is not lost and a complete redesign is not always required. What is required, however, is the right mindset and the right approach to ensure your firm’s website is built with your potential clients in mind. To find out more about how this process could work for your firm, download a free copy of our Ultimate Guide and find out the importance of:

  • Understanding the performance of your current website in order to set benchmarks for the future
  • Identifying your target audience and writing content which answers the pains and challenges that they suffer
  • Ensuring your have the right steps in place to attract your target audience
  • Building a conversion path to convert as many visitors as possible into enquiries
  • The right nurturing and follow up process to close them as new clients

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Please download the guide and work through each of the core areas your website needs to focus on, however, should you have any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be more than happy to have a quick, no-obligation call to talk you through the process and identify where any problems might be and how to overcome them. Click the button below to schedule a call...

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John Hogg Enlighten IC

John Hogg

John is managing director of Enlighten IC and has been involved in legal marketing and technology marketing for over 25 years. He is passionate about how an inbound approach to marketing can help firms to drive leads and grow their business.

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