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6 Essential Phases Of Business Growth Online

Following on from our last blog, “Build It And They Might Not Come”, which focused on the trend for businesses to spend all their time and energy designing a beautiful website, writing some wonderful content and then wondering why the leads aren’t coming in, this blog will explore ALL of the steps which need to be considered when a B2B company wants to use their website to attract leads and ultimately grow their business. 

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legal marketing

Where Law Firm Web Design Goes Wrong

Law firm web design is an interesting topic. For some lawyers it is their pride and joy and a shining example of all that is good at their firm, whilst for others they couldn't care less, they paid for a website five years ago and that's it, job done!


What is quite worrying is that I once saw a stat which said almost 40% of small law firms don't have a website. Even if this is only half true that's still a lot of firms without one of their best chances of bringing in new business and helping to grow their practice.

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