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By John Hogg


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Growing your firm is pretty much at the top of most law firm's To Do lists.  Knowing where to start is a different thing...

On one hand you need to make sure you have a pretty robust plan in plan to help focus your law firm marketing and business development activities, whereas on the other you need to know where to focus your efforts the first place.

If you are currently developing your law firm's marketing and business development plan, please check out our guide to law firm planning for growth.

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Having thought about this we decided to design an Interactive Revenue Growth Calculator to help firm's identify where their legal marketing needs to focus. 

The calculator is easy to use and all you need to do is input a few figures relating to the performance of your current website and then adjust the sliders at the bottom of the screen to see what will generate the best return from your efforts.

Kickstarting your law firm growth can be broken down into a function of three things:

  1. Traffic — How Do You Increase Traffic To Your Website?

    Do you need to improve your visibility on search engines (SEO), increase visitors from social media, email existing contacts or advertise online to increase visitors to your website?

  2. Leads — How Do You Improve Conversion Rates To Increase Leads?

    Is your website optimised and do you have the right offers in place with relevant Calls To Action to engage your website visitors and increase their likelihood of them becoming a lead?

  3. Clients — How Do You Improve Close Rates And Win More Clients?

    With increased traffic and leads from your website, what will improve the percentage of these leads being converted into clients?  Have you a robust business development & sales process to manage your sales pipeline from first contact through to winning their business and are your staff properly trained in this process?

It is very easy to become consumed by all the wonderful things your firm could get involved with to help kick start your growth, however, when you break it down into these three areas and establish proper metrics for each, you can start to make a real impact on the growth of your firm.

By putting a number on it and tracking these variables you will be in a much better place for growing your law firm, so go on - what's keeping you?  Check out our Revenue Growth Calculator now.

Feel free to get in touch if you want us to work through the Calculator with you, or alternatively, if you have used the calculator to help bring a focus to your plan and are now ready to get started with the implementaton stage, please click the link below to get in touch for a free, no obligation marketing consultation.

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John Hogg Enlighten IC

John Hogg

John is managing director of Enlighten IC and has been involved in legal marketing and technology marketing for over 25 years. He is passionate about how an inbound approach to marketing can help firms to drive leads and grow their business.

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