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Announcement Bar - FAQs

  1. Text can be customised with three variations:

    • Text on its own

    • Text & button

    • Text & HubSpot CTA Button

  2. Buttons can be customised with three variations:

    • Standard Button

    • Without Button

    • HubSpot CTA Button

  3. Styling options for Button:

    • Font size
    • Text colour
    • Button colour
    • Where the button links to
  4. Link target - option of opening the link in a new window/tab or in the same window/tab.

  5. Yes. The Announcement Bar can be styled with these variables/options

    • Bar type: there are two variations: Fixed or Static

    • Docked at top of the page or scrolling with the page

    • Background colour

    • Padding top and bottom of the bar to make the bar shorter or deeper

    • Background image


    Like all good modules you will achieve the best results by playing with each option until you achieve the desired set up.

  6. No. Ideally the shorter the better, otherwise you may face strange formatting issues on your website.

  7. Yes. This means you can add it to all pages on your website but only need to edit it in one place for the changes to apply across the whole site.

  8. No. This is a global module which means you can only add one to your website. If you want to have different announcement bars on different pages you will need to purchase an additional Announcement Bar Module.

  9. Yes you can but at your own discretion. Enlighten IC cannot stand over any conflicts or errors which arise due to edits you have made.

  10. Please get in touch with Support who will look into the issue and advise as to whether there is a suitable fix. Please also refer to Enlighten IC’s Marketplace Refund Policy.

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